Insulin Sensitivity. What is it & why is it crucial for fat loss?

March 31, 2016

When formulating a diet, one of the most important goals you should have in mind is to improve your insulin sensitivity. What is insulin sensitivity?

Insulin is a storage hormone. After you eat a meal, your body converts the carbohydrates into glucose. This glucose circulates the bloodstream and is used by all the cells in your body.

Insulin sensitivity has to do with how well your cells respond to insulin. People that are highly insulin sensitive require very little insulin to store carbohydrates. By reason then, people that are insulin resistant (type II diabetics), need larger amounts of insulin to shuttle those carbohydrates around.

What this means is that when you have high insulin sensitivity, you are able to eat carbohydrates without such a large rise in insulin. When insulin is kept low enough, fatty acids can still be released.
Now we're talking... fat loss made easy, the good stuff :)

However, once insulin gets too high, fat loss comes to a halt. People that have bombarded their bodies with high-glycemic carbohydrates and processed foods over their lifetimes have become somewhat resistant to the effects of insulin. Therefore, when they eat carbohydrates, it causes a larger release of insulin. This inhibits the release of fatty acids.

Higher insulin levels = more fat storage

***CATCH 22****
We’re going to be needing those carbohydrates for our high-intensity exercise. So then, how do we ingest carbohydrates for fuel, while at the same time keep insulin low enough so that fat can still be released?

Nutrient timing. This is where a tailored nutritional plan is crucial!
What does your day look like?
How many days per week do you train?
How should you train?
What do you do on off days?

Don’t fight against your body. It will beat you every single time! The great news is that you can reverse the effects of insulin resistance by changing your diet and exercising. Eat the right foods at the right times and you’ll be well on your way to regaining that fat loss advantage.

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