What Are the Benefits of High Rep Deadlifts?

What Are the Benefits of High Rep Deadlifts? - 


The Deadlift. Exercise that involves pretty much all the muscles in your body into action while none of them go through full range of motion. One of the most productive exercises on earth while one of the hardest. One of the simplest exercises in setup. Benefits of the deadlift are endless. Besides, it’s one of my favorite exercises! :)



You will always notice a good deadlifter in the crowd. Good deadlifter is a lucky possessor of massive traps, shoulders, lats, forearms and legs. And these are just visible bonuses. Good deadlifter (not stupid deadlifter) is a possessor of strong and healthy posterior chain. And posterior chain is one of the main muscles in your body if your goal is strength and performance. Strongmen use to say: “If you want strength then train your back”. Forget about curls and crunches. Leave them for sissies. Build your back and get big and strong!


High-repetition deadlifts can build muscle and burn a large number of calories in a short period of time. These lifts are the final lift in powerlifting competitions. The deadlift is one of the best strength-building exercises you can do, and when done in high volume, deadlifts provide a strenuous conditioning workout. Deadlifts will strengthen many muscle groups, including small muscles in your back that are important to maintain proper posture. 


deadlifting for high reps is a proven by time brutal mass gaining protocol. It was popularized by Peary Rader simultaneously with his famous 20 rep squat routine. “What’s the difference?” you may ask. 20 rep deadlifting routine is not even close to 20 rep squat routine in brutality and nausea. In 20 rep deadlift routine Peary recommended to focus strictly on deadlift for the first couple of weeks. Literally you load the barbell, deadlift it 20 times, perform 20 light pullovers (to stretch the ribcage), go home and grow. You will be smoked after those 20 reps. In fact it is so brutal and hard that you may unintentionally include one more step between “deadlifting” and “going home” in form of returning your breakfast/lunch/snack and lying on the floor in a puddle of you own sweat and vomiting for some time. If you don’t have squat stands and always wanted to try a 20 rep routine this may be the way to go. But don’t add any other exercises for at least one month. The rules are the same. Load the barbell for your 10 rep max and do 20 reps. Then immediately perform a set of 20 light pullovers. Then go home, eat, sleep and grow. Workout 2-3 times a week. Once you can do all the 20 reps with a weight add 5-10 lbs. This program has been proven by time.

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