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Everyone is always searching on or Instagram and Facebook for tips on how to lose fat, get lean or just a general lose weight! Im taking a different approach...

May 8, 2017

Before I get into any details describing these supplements I’d like to state my belief that whole foods are the foundation of sports nutrition and if you’re not eating properly your supplements will not make up for bad eating habits!

One of the hardest things to do...

* Better Balance

Lunges are unilateral exercises, meaning that they train one side of your body independently from the other.

Training one side at a time vastly improves your balance and coordination.

* Be More Functional!

This compound leg exercise is hailed by many as...

April 10, 2016

The body is essentially split into three parts, in terms of “movement”: 

  1. a) upper body movements that move resistance away from the center of your body

  2. b) upper body movements that move resistance towards the center of your body

  3. c) movements which target t...

April 10, 2016

I'm lazy when it comes to food preparation so if it's quick and easy BUT still tastes good then I'm all for it!

Coffee and double cream 30ml sets me up for the day. 

White Fish and Broccoli 1.5kg total of fish
Rest of the calories come from rice/oats or maybe a cheek...

March 31, 2016

When formulating a diet, one of the most important goals you should have in mind is to improve your insulin sensitivity. What is insulin sensitivity?

Insulin is a storage hormone. After you eat a meal, your body converts the carbohydrates into glucose. This glucose ci...

November 8, 2015


“I thought I was supposed to feel exhausted…”’s a common misconception that training has to wipe you out and exhaust you—and that if you don’t leave the gym feeling this way, your session wasn’t a good one. By what criteria are we judging this, though? What res...


What do you look for in a personal trainer?...

  • A good physique?

  • Friendly?

  • Understanding?

  • Patient?

  • Knowledgeable?

Each person will give a different answer to this question depending on their goals, personal situation and fitness level.

As someon...

In all my years coaching women in and out of the gym, they all want to improve their lower body, namely their butt, or to be more scientific, the glutes. It must be noted that you cant create a great set of legs focusing on one muscle group, for optimal results the t...

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December 23, 2017

October 19, 2015

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October 3, 2015

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